Wordsmith Publication Welcomes You To The World Of Books

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There is an avid reader in every child. The challenge is to help that reader emerge. At Wordsmith Publications we create books for children ; books that beckon a child to explore them. Most parents yearn for developing a reading habit in their child. It is easier to inculcate this habit in early childhood. It is said that ‘A child who reads will be an adult who thinks!’ So, ‘Catch them young……and make them read?’ Well, is it that simple? Certain not! But at Wordsmith Publications we are taking baby steps to initiate the process. We strive to create books that make a child think, help a child learn.

books for children

Contrary to the popular saying, children do judge a book by its cover! In our widespread array of books we make it a point to make each aspect of our books interesting and child-friendly. An expressive cover page, colourful illustrations, an easy to read font, an apt font size and a systematic layout make our books appealing to children. Our titles range from story books to academic course books.

The content is the soul of a book. Our content is the outcome of thoughtful and elaborate discussions among experienced writers and a panel of proficient teachers. Careful thought needs to precede implementation to create appropriate content. When the content is decided the designers and artists pitch in and the magnificent task of creating a book begins.

Our proliferating catalogue already boasts of a wide range of books for children. All our books aim at comprehensive development in children. They make learning an enjoyable process as they hone diverse skills in children. Our books help parents too. They guide parents and even teachers about how a certain topic should be communicated so that it is better understood by a child. Our books are produced under stringent quality control measures in our own printing press. This is what makes our production quality distinctive. The fact that our books are printed in our own printing facility also helps us to make the books available in a shorter span of time. That the pricing of our books is very competitive is the cherry on the cake.

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