Kahani Hindustani: Unfolding legends from Indian Mythology with the family

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The fascination for Indian Mythology never fades out. Tell me honestly, how many of us would be able to resist the temptation to sit down and listen, irrespective of our age and social standing, if someone, perhaps a grandfather or grandmother began to tell the story of Lord Rama or Krishna? Now shut your eyes and tell me if this verbal manifestation wouldn’t be much more ‘live’ and ‘personal’ than any of the programmes the television hurls at us? The enchantment of the supernatural is eternal; can we review the medium we choose to experience the magic? At Wordsmith Publications we thought this was definitely plausible. This thought was put into action and ‘Kahani Hindustani’ series was born.

Indian Mythology
We felt that making children familiar with our heritage in an appealing way would inculcate values naturally and also provide an opportunity for family bonding. It is said that children learn NOT from what we say but from what we do. Isn’t it high time we included ‘the time WE spend over gadgets’ in the ‘what we do’ category,? If we abandon our gadgets, perhaps for the quarter of an hour, to begin with, what a message it shall give to the child who seems to be ever-hungry and tragically often remains hungry for ‘family-time’!
Kahani Hindustani is an ongoing series that includes five titles at present:

  • Ganesha- The Lord of Knowledge
  • Krishna-The Universal Lord
  • Lord Rama –The Embodiment of Truth and Virtue
  • Hanuman-The Eternal Devotee
  • Ekalavya-….Reknowned for Sacrifice

So this Ganesh Chaturthee get home the hardbound Kahani Hindustani series and take a step towards ‘value education’; for who could do a better job at ‘value education’ than the Gods themselves?
The stories in this series have been compiled and aptly worded for the easy understanding of children by Jyothi Bharat Divgi. The vivid illustrations on each page are sure to fascinate children. Last but not the least this hard bound series of illustrated legends is sure to be an awesome gift hamper for children in home and around your home.

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