Junior Penmanship

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My cousin and classmate was a brilliant school girl. She could grasp, retain and reproduce, all with an out-standing aptitude; her performance would have been flawless had it not been for her scrawl, which always put her in a tight spot. Sometimes she herself could not read what she had written! One day it dawned upon her that if she did not act upon this shortcoming she would under-achieve in life. The fact that she decided to act upon it and that too at the right age made all the difference in her life!

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The significance of Handwriting as a device of learning and memory development even in a digital age like ours cannot be underrated.

  • Handwriting stimulates visual discernment of letters.
  • The use of pencil/pen on paper enhances cognitive and motor skills.
  • Cursive writing has benefits of its own. As each letter has a distinct look Cursive writing is known to help students with dyslexia.
  • Good handwriting is sure to have a positive effect on one’s grades as majority of the exams are handwritten until the present.

The good news is that children can be taught to write a good hand.

Wordsmith Publications has created some very helpful handwriting books that can help hone handwriting skills of little children:

For very young children:

I Can Write Numbers

I Can Write Alphabet Book Set (2 Books)

For Cursive Writing

Fun with Cursive Patterns

Cursive Writing Book Series (Book 1-Book5)

These books by Wordsmith Publications can help your child in multitudinous ways:

  • Handwriting Books will help your child get familiar with the alphabet.
  • Regular practice with the aid of these books shall develop the visual motor integration of a child resulting in improved performance as a result of improved hand and eye coordination.
  • The child will learn to follow the discipline of writing within the limit of the four lines.
  • As the child graduates from writing the letters of the alphabet to writing sentences s/he will get fine practice in sentence formation.

Learning to write a good hand is a baby step in methodical discipline.

Wordsmith Publications is a distinguished name in the Children’s Book Industry. We make books that hone the skills of little minds.  Our wide array of books encompasses Story Books, Activity Books, Gift Sets, Picture Books, Board Books, Charts and Educational Books.

Wordsmith Publications— An Evolution in Learning!

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