A book is a seed that will help your child plant orchards!

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There is no better gift than a book!

Investment in knowledge pays the best interest! So don’t splurge money to buy your child a gift that will be a part of electronic or plastic waste in a few weeks; gift a book…it is more likely to outlive generations.


  • How to make your child open the book you gifted her/him:

So, you gifted your child a wonderful book, s/he started reading it and you all lived happily ever after! My experience proves that things don’t happen that way. Encouraging children develop the reading habit is not child’s play. But you can consider trying the following:

  • Choosing the right book for your child:

How much ever I wish my child chooses a book that will make her/him wise in a jiffy it is just not realistic. Before you buy a book for your child you can buy time to study his/her inclination. A child who loves fiction may not be ready to open an encyclopaedia. Where as a child who loves science might not relish fairy tales and magic. So do buy something that your child likes.

  • Reading with your child: The best way to make a child do something is to do it yourself. So redevelop your own reading habit.
  • R.T: Swap the family T.V time with Family Reading Time (F.R.T) and experience the magic.

Go ahead! Develop a well-bonded family of avid readers! Gift a book…..

A book is a gift you can open again and again….

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