Cultivating Young Minds in an Enjoyable Way

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‘Our Greatest Natural Resource is the Minds of Our Children!’

                                                                                              Walter Elias Disney (Walt Disney)
At Wordsmith Publications, we are commited to nurture this very ‘Natural Resource’. This commitment encouraged us to create academic course books that children would connect to. When the Wordsmith Publications team met it was unanimously decided to start with a Comprehensive English Course series that would adhere to the course content prescribed by the NCERT; but our writers had a secret agenda. They had decided to enter the minds of little children to understand just exactly what they would like to learn about and how! Thus before they picked up their pens our teachers had the keys to the children’s hearts right in their pockets. Thus it is no wonder that children dote upon

Wordsmith Genius Minds
A comprehensive English Course
To inspire and stimulate young minds

academic books

Our series is an all-inclusive course in English for Class 1 to Class 8. Lessons from the book comprise of various genres of creative writing like,
Letters and
Diary Entries
A Glossary for vocabulary building follows each lesson. Our writers have made every effort to make the books interesting as well as thought-provoking by including Comprehensive exercises such as
Question Time
Grammar Time
Choose the Right Word
Synonyms & Antonyms
Game Time
Maze and
Many More.
Interesting concepts are woven in the form of stories and poems to make learning enjoyable and effortless developing the reading skills of a child in a stressfree way. Whether it is an inspiring tale from our rich and diverse heritage or an eye-opening but simple story on our environment each piece of writing is written in a style that combines learning with fun. When information is imparted in the form of a story it comes alive; it gets a form, a face and becomes easier to remember.

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