Colouring Books that Added Colour to Their Life

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Natasha, my old friend and new next door neighbour was reduced to tears when it came to engaging her children (pre-schoolers) in some productive activity. After witnessing a stressed out mother for two days I walked into her house one evening with a box of crayons and five colouring books with nice pictures. I sat down quietly in a corner colouring a picture, totally ignoring the pre-schoolers who came rushing but squatted quietly by my side. Ever-since that day Natasha has been thanking me for adding colour to her children’s life and peace to her own!

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Natasha is only one of the mothers who vouch for the role of Colouring books in child development. These are some of the benefits of colouring:

  • Learning Patience and concentration: Colouring book is an excellent stimulus for a child to sit down in one place and focus until s/he has finished colouring a picture.
  • Hone Motor Skills: Colouring improves hand and eye coordination as well as builds strength and deftness in the hands. It develops the smaller muscles of the fingers, wrist and hand. The practice of holding the crayon, sketch pen or colour pencil will develop the grip needed to hold the writing tool in future; thus colouring will help your child to cultivate a good handwriting. A good handwriting is an asset in academic performance.
  • Developing the Language: The Colouring Activity, if accompanied by talking about what the child has coloured, will develop her/his linguistic and communication skills.

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Drawing Books for adults:

  • Pencil Shading Books
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