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There is an avid reader in every child. The challenge is to help that reader emerge. At Wordsmith Publications we create books for children ; books that beckon a child to explore them. Most parents yearn for developing a reading habit in their child. It is easier to inculcate this habit in early childhood. It is said that ‘A child who reads will be an adult who thinks!’ So, ‘Catch them young……and make them read?’ Well, is it that simple? Certain not! But at Wordsmith Publications we are taking baby steps to initiate the process. We strive to create books that make a child think, help a child learn.

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Contrary to the popular saying, children do judge a book by its cover! In our widespread array of books we make it a point to make each aspect of our books interesting and child-friendly. An expressive cover page, colourful illustrations, an easy to read font, an apt font size and a systematic layout make our books appealing to children. Our titles range from story books to academic course books.

The content is the soul of a book. Our content is the outcome of thoughtful and elaborate discussions among experienced writers and a panel of proficient teachers. Careful thought needs to precede implementation to create appropriate content. When the content is decided the designers and artists pitch in and the magnificent task of creating a book begins.

Our proliferating catalogue already boasts of a wide range of books for children. All our books aim at comprehensive development in children. They make learning an enjoyable process as they hone diverse skills in children. Our books help parents too. They guide parents and even teachers about how a certain topic should be communicated so that it is better understood by a child. Our books are produced under stringent quality control measures in our own printing press. This is what makes our production quality distinctive. The fact that our books are printed in our own printing facility also helps us to make the books available in a shorter span of time. That the pricing of our books is very competitive is the cherry on the cake.

Learning English is Fun!

Technology has changed the way adults look at life and children are not far behind! The love for books or the printed word is slowly declining and is being replaced by electronic tablets where accessing a book from the net is far more easier than visiting a library, whereby unwinding and taking the time off to browse through all our favorite authors has now become a tedious task.

My tryst with books has been a long journey and I was searching for a good series of books for my friend’s children, and my search ended when upon a colleague’s recommendation I carefully browsed through the ‘Wordsmith Expression Series’ in English for Grades 1-5.

The ‘Wordsmith Expressions Series’ is a wonderful set of books exploring the world of English literature. This set of series is well suited for school going children. Well written, thoroughly researched, beautifully illustrated and crisply edited the books offer a lot of games and thought provoking activities to our young readers bringing out their hidden talents. The authors have used simple, lucid and easy to understand English which makes the stories and poems very enjoyable.

Every parent keenly interested in developing their child’s love for books must take a serious look at the ‘Wordsmith Expressions Series’. As responsible adults it is up to us to create an environment conducive to reading and arouse curiosity in our children. The ‘Wordsmith Expressions Series’ through its stories and poems offers its young readers to gradually build their vocabulary. From simple words in Grades 1&2 to more complex words, syllables and sentences in Grades 3, 4 &5.

While the stories in Grades 1 & 2 are simple and enjoyable but the stories in Grades 3, 4 & 5 are peppered with a lot of wit and humor which will ensure that the young readers have a good time reading the books. The author of the ‘Wordsmith Expressions Series’ has written well thought out poems for our readers. The poems are lyrical, lilting as well as musical to the ears. Some poems are thought provoking also to the readers.

The games on word maze or discovering words on the alphabet grid makes the child think for himself. This not only improves his vocabulary but he can also use difficult words with ease in his daily conversation.

All in all the ‘Wordsmith Expressions Series’ was an enjoyable read. Just as I have enjoyed the entire ‘Expressions Series’, I hope our young readers and their parents find the books not only stimulating but also inspiring for their children.

Last but not the least the ‘Wordsmith Expressions Series’ aims at developing all the four skills (listening, speaking, reading &writing) in the English Language in children. This wonderful set of series brought out by Wordsmith Publications is a timeless legacy to be cherished.

English Grammar Made Easy

When it came to learning Grammar, my son generally wanted to flee from the nearest door. Then one day my friend suggested “Grammar made easy” series . This interesting, child-friendly and colourful series that is devoted to Primary school children from Grade 1- Grade 5 helped my child to break the ice and get interested in Grammar.

The simple language used by the author gave him a sense of confidence that helped him to begin understanding the basic concepts of  English Grammar. I got interested and went through all the books in the series “Grammar Made Easy”. I found it to be a systematically planned series that not only understands the requirement of children but also the language that children are most likely to respond to.

Grammar Made Easy” is a grade-specific series that is sure to help children from Grade 1-5 to master the grammar syllabus that has been prescribed for each year. The series explains the basic concepts of Elementary English Grammar dealing with topics like Parts of Speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs), Synonyms, and Antonyms, Transformation of sentences, Active and Passive voice, Direct into Indirect Speech and many others. The worksheets and activities that follow test the ability and understanding of children.

As the worksheets are based on the concepts that have already been explained in the chapter, children should be able to solve them with a sure confidence that comes through understanding.

Besides elementary Grammar, ‘Grammar Made Easy’ also includes Comprehension passages with thought provoking questions which have helped children comprehend, think and express themselves. The cherry on the cake is that the series ‘Grammar Made Easy’ also includes chapters that help children with the different aspects of creative writing, such as, picture composition, writing essays, writing an autobiography, letter writing, writing notes and notices, diary writing, dialogue writing, story writing and email-writing.

So if you are looking for books that shall enable your child to learn  English Grammar as well as motivate her to read, comprehend and write creatively, ‘Grammar Made Easy’ series is sure to do the job.

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Wordsmith Publications is a revolution in the children’s book industry. We publish innovative books to hone the diverse skills of little children. Our books play a vital role in overall development of children. The books not only aim at helping children to enhance their skill sets and subject knowledge, but also make teaching a joyful experience for the teachers and parents. The books blend learning with fun in a way that it becomes easy, interesting and almost effortless.

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