It’s Story Time!

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When it comes to story books it is always ‘More the Merrier’! I remember my son as a toddler squatting on the floor surrounded by a number of story books of different shapes, sizes, colours, fonts and languages. When he had flipped through the pages of one book he would turn to another book blabbering  about the pictures.

Story books

At Wordsmith we decided to publish story books of a wider variety so that more and more children would wish to peep into them. Each of our books has a story to tell. ‘Fun-filled Fairy Tales’, ‘Easy to read Fairy Tales’ and ‘Favourite Fairy Tales’ can mesmerize children who have just begun to read. They are available in English. ‘Grandpa Tales’ and ‘Grandma’s Tales’ can inculcate values in a natural way. Children enjoy reading Moral stories, Aesop fables, Panchtantra, Jataka Tales, Animal Stories and Arabian Nights. Ever-green books like Akbar Birbal, Tenali Rama and Vikram and Vetal tell ageless stories of age-old wisdom. These books are available in English as well as Marathi.

Mythological Tales hold a fascination of their own. Our series Kahani Hindustani brings a collection of books on Ekalavya, Lord Ganesha, Krishna, Rama and Hanuman.

Realistic tales that children can easily connect with are also very interesting. Kanak the Baby Elephant, Co-operative Nesting Society, Vinoo & Toto and The Tiger Story are simple stories with apt illustrations that have a lot to convey.

Now if children or schools are looking for a play to enact on stage ‘Alice in Idiomland’ is a one-act play that is as educative as it is entertaining. As the story unfolds children will learn around 101 idioms!

Books for our Avid Readers: Now that the children are hooked to the books Wordsmith Publications shall help them graduate to the Classics of English Literature. They can now comprehend the nuances of the abridged versions of works of Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Anna Sewell and Louisa May Alcott by reading our series of Illustrated Classics.

So just click a button and order a book; help your child to dream with her/his eyes open.

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