Junior Penmanship

My cousin and classmate was a brilliant school girl. She could grasp, retain and reproduce, all with an out-standing aptitude; her performance would have been flawless had it not been for her scrawl, which always put her in a tight spot. Sometimes she herself could not read what she had written! One day it dawned upon her that if she did not act upon this shortcoming she would under-achieve in life. The fact that she decided to act upon it and that too at the right age made all the difference in her life!

handwriting books

The significance of Handwriting as a device of learning and memory development even in a digital age like ours cannot be underrated.

  • Handwriting stimulates visual discernment of letters.
  • The use of pencil/pen on paper enhances cognitive and motor skills.
  • Cursive writing has benefits of its own. As each letter has a distinct look Cursive writing is known to help students with dyslexia.
  • Good handwriting is sure to have a positive effect on one’s grades as majority of the exams are handwritten until the present.

The good news is that children can be taught to write a good hand.

Wordsmith Publications has created some very helpful handwriting books that can help hone handwriting skills of little children:

For very young children:

I Can Write Numbers

I Can Write Alphabet Book Set (2 Books)

For Cursive Writing

Fun with Cursive Patterns

Cursive Writing Book Series (Book 1-Book5)

These books by Wordsmith Publications can help your child in multitudinous ways:

  • Handwriting Books will help your child get familiar with the alphabet.
  • Regular practice with the aid of these books shall develop the visual motor integration of a child resulting in improved performance as a result of improved hand and eye coordination.
  • The child will learn to follow the discipline of writing within the limit of the four lines.
  • As the child graduates from writing the letters of the alphabet to writing sentences s/he will get fine practice in sentence formation.

Learning to write a good hand is a baby step in methodical discipline.

Wordsmith Publications is a distinguished name in the Children’s Book Industry. We make books that hone the skills of little minds.  Our wide array of books encompasses Story Books, Activity Books, Gift Sets, Picture Books, Board Books, Charts and Educational Books.

Wordsmith Publications— An Evolution in Learning!

Colouring Books that Added Colour to Their Life

Natasha, my old friend and new next door neighbour was reduced to tears when it came to engaging her children (pre-schoolers) in some productive activity. After witnessing a stressed out mother for two days I walked into her house one evening with a box of crayons and five colouring books with nice pictures. I sat down quietly in a corner colouring a picture, totally ignoring the pre-schoolers who came rushing but squatted quietly by my side. Ever-since that day Natasha has been thanking me for adding colour to her children’s life and peace to her own!

colouring books

Natasha is only one of the mothers who vouch for the role of Colouring books in child development. These are some of the benefits of colouring:

  • Learning Patience and concentration: Colouring book is an excellent stimulus for a child to sit down in one place and focus until s/he has finished colouring a picture.
  • Hone Motor Skills: Colouring improves hand and eye coordination as well as builds strength and deftness in the hands. It develops the smaller muscles of the fingers, wrist and hand. The practice of holding the crayon, sketch pen or colour pencil will develop the grip needed to hold the writing tool in future; thus colouring will help your child to cultivate a good handwriting. A good handwriting is an asset in academic performance.
  • Developing the Language: The Colouring Activity, if accompanied by talking about what the child has coloured, will develop her/his linguistic and communication skills.

Choose from the wide range of Colouring books by Wordsmith Publications:

  1. Enjoy Colouring Series   
    • Fun Colouring Series
    • Fun with Water Colours Series
    • Fun with Crayons Series
    • Jumbo Colouring Series
    • Giant Colouring Series
  2. Colouring Gift Box      
  3. Painting Books

Drawing Books for adults:

  • Pencil Shading Books
  • Landscapes with Water Colours

Wordsmith Publications is a distinguished name in the Children’s Book Industry. We make books that hone the skills of little minds.  Our wide array of books encompasses Story Books, Activity Books, Gift Sets, Picture Books, Board Books, Charts and Educational Books.

Wordsmith Publications— An Evolution in Learning!

A book is a seed that will help your child plant orchards!

There is no better gift than a book!

Investment in knowledge pays the best interest! So don’t splurge money to buy your child a gift that will be a part of electronic or plastic waste in a few weeks; gift a book…it is more likely to outlive generations.


  • How to make your child open the book you gifted her/him:

So, you gifted your child a wonderful book, s/he started reading it and you all lived happily ever after! My experience proves that things don’t happen that way. Encouraging children develop the reading habit is not child’s play. But you can consider trying the following:

  • Choosing the right book for your child:

How much ever I wish my child chooses a book that will make her/him wise in a jiffy it is just not realistic. Before you buy a book for your child you can buy time to study his/her inclination. A child who loves fiction may not be ready to open an encyclopaedia. Where as a child who loves science might not relish fairy tales and magic. So do buy something that your child likes.

  • Reading with your child: The best way to make a child do something is to do it yourself. So redevelop your own reading habit.
  • R.T: Swap the family T.V time with Family Reading Time (F.R.T) and experience the magic.

Go ahead! Develop a well-bonded family of avid readers! Gift a book…..

A book is a gift you can open again and again….

Choose from the wide range of books by Wordsmith Publications:

Hardbound Story Books: Fun-filled Fairy Tales and Fun-filled Grandma Tales, Grandpa Tales & Moral Stories

Panchatantra & Jataka Tales

Akbar & Birbal Tenali Raman

Vikram aur Betal and Aesop’s Tales  Arabian Nights

Krishna       Ram     Ganesha & Ekalavya

Tales from Panchtantra Series

Paper Back Story Books

Hardbound Illustrated Classics: Black Beauty Tom Sawyer David Copperfield        Little Women

And many more books for children and adults in both English and Marathi.

Our Activity books, Origami and Colouring book sets are a great gift too.

Activity Books : A Key to Brain Development!

A child is naturally inclined to respond to stimuli. What stimuli are you giving your child today?

It has been scientifically proven that the mental stimulation given to a child at an early age helps develop his/her language and cognitive skills in the years to come. More the cognitive stimulation more developed the brain. Activity books are the handiest tools to enhance your child’s cognitive skills.

Activity books

How can Activity Books help my child?

  • Building Attention and vocabulary: A set of board books is just the device to help your child focus. An Activity book is sure to develop a fine vocabulary as well as General Knowledge. As s/he gets engrossed in the pictures and the short words written beside them, the child’s attention span develops along with the memory.
  • Developing Patience: If a child is using an Origami Book to make different shapes by folding paper, s/he needs to go step by step with great patience until the article of the desired shape emerges.
  • Assembling and planning: Word-search and puzzle books, Activities in English, Math and logical reasoning help children to organise words or numbers and think and plan a sequence of actions to solve a problem or puzzle. Colouring books develop the child’s fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination and colour recognition capacity.

A child who is encouraged to obtain knowledge, to think and to experience with the help of her/his senses is sure to have a well-developed brain. Activity books are handy and portable brain developers.

Wordsmith provides an array of Activity Books for your child:

  • Colouring Books
    • Enjoy Colouring Series
    • Fun Colouring Series
    • Fun with Water Colours Series
    • Fun with Crayons Series
    • Jumbo Colouring Series
    • Giant Colouring Series
    • Colouring Gift Box
    • Painting Books
    • Pencil Shading Books
    • Landscapes with Water Colours
  • Set of Word Search Puzzle Books
  • Origami Book Set (5 Books) Paper folding made easy
  • Cursive Writing Book Series
  • Mini Board Books
  • I Can Write Numbers
  • Join the Dots
  • Activity Book Sets:

Activity Book Maths (1-6)

Activity Book EVS

Activities in English

Activities in Mathematics

My Learning Activity Book

Good Habits

A child who reads will be an adult who thinks!

I stumbled upon this quote when my son was a baby. What an irresistible promise it seemed to offer! In a world that has become somewhat stereo-type where thought is usually something that comes out of a gadget, the quote seemed to promise me something original. I was excited. I filled the nursery with books of all types and then….one by one I first devoured each book myself! I have always been an avid reader but it had been years since I had browsed through children’s books. I was amused. I had met my son’s friends; I had also met my teacher. A teacher who helped me begin a dialogue with my baby.

wordsmith 2

Story-telling plays a crucial role in the growth and development of a child. It nurtures a child’s imagination while developing her/his language skills. It helps a child to focus,  concentrate and picturize. Moreover it is a spontaneous activity and children think of it as leisure…and we all look forward to leisure, don’t we? The company of storybooks may sometimes encourage a child be to tell a story he/she has created. This sort of story is very amusing; it contains some elements from the child’s life that have been skilfully woven into the story he/she has read or listened to.

Stories also develop the memory of a child helping him/her to remember the plot, the characters, the sequence, the message and so many other things. When reading becomes a habit the child automatically grasps the nuances in the story, the style of the author, the aptness of the language and other profound aspects of the story. Stories speak about the world around us. They also tell about a world of imagination. They make children aware of ‘socially acceptable behaviour’. They introduce a child to the inherent chain of ‘behaviour’ and consequences’.  As the child graduates his/her literary boundaries expand. She/he meets so many authors through their books. He /she understands their thoughts and perspectives. Soon her/his own thoughts and perspectives start developing. The child begins to think, think creatively and think multitudinously.

It’s Story Time!

When it comes to story books it is always ‘More the Merrier’! I remember my son as a toddler squatting on the floor surrounded by a number of story books of different shapes, sizes, colours, fonts and languages. When he had flipped through the pages of one book he would turn to another book blabbering  about the pictures.

Story books

At Wordsmith we decided to publish story books of a wider variety so that more and more children would wish to peep into them. Each of our books has a story to tell. ‘Fun-filled Fairy Tales’, ‘Easy to read Fairy Tales’ and ‘Favourite Fairy Tales’ can mesmerize children who have just begun to read. They are available in English. ‘Grandpa Tales’ and ‘Grandma’s Tales’ can inculcate values in a natural way. Children enjoy reading Moral stories, Aesop fables, Panchtantra, Jataka Tales, Animal Stories and Arabian Nights. Ever-green books like Akbar Birbal, Tenali Rama and Vikram and Vetal tell ageless stories of age-old wisdom. These books are available in English as well as Marathi.

Mythological Tales hold a fascination of their own. Our series Kahani Hindustani brings a collection of books on Ekalavya, Lord Ganesha, Krishna, Rama and Hanuman.

Realistic tales that children can easily connect with are also very interesting. Kanak the Baby Elephant, Co-operative Nesting Society, Vinoo & Toto and The Tiger Story are simple stories with apt illustrations that have a lot to convey.

Now if children or schools are looking for a play to enact on stage ‘Alice in Idiomland’ is a one-act play that is as educative as it is entertaining. As the story unfolds children will learn around 101 idioms!

Books for our Avid Readers: Now that the children are hooked to the books Wordsmith Publications shall help them graduate to the Classics of English Literature. They can now comprehend the nuances of the abridged versions of works of Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Anna Sewell and Louisa May Alcott by reading our series of Illustrated Classics.

So just click a button and order a book; help your child to dream with her/his eyes open.

Kahani Hindustani: Unfolding legends from Indian Mythology with the family

The fascination for Indian Mythology never fades out. Tell me honestly, how many of us would be able to resist the temptation to sit down and listen, irrespective of our age and social standing, if someone, perhaps a grandfather or grandmother began to tell the story of Lord Rama or Krishna? Now shut your eyes and tell me if this verbal manifestation wouldn’t be much more ‘live’ and ‘personal’ than any of the programmes the television hurls at us? The enchantment of the supernatural is eternal; can we review the medium we choose to experience the magic? At Wordsmith Publications we thought this was definitely plausible. This thought was put into action and ‘Kahani Hindustani’ series was born.

Indian Mythology
We felt that making children familiar with our heritage in an appealing way would inculcate values naturally and also provide an opportunity for family bonding. It is said that children learn NOT from what we say but from what we do. Isn’t it high time we included ‘the time WE spend over gadgets’ in the ‘what we do’ category,? If we abandon our gadgets, perhaps for the quarter of an hour, to begin with, what a message it shall give to the child who seems to be ever-hungry and tragically often remains hungry for ‘family-time’!
Kahani Hindustani is an ongoing series that includes five titles at present:

  • Ganesha- The Lord of Knowledge
  • Krishna-The Universal Lord
  • Lord Rama –The Embodiment of Truth and Virtue
  • Hanuman-The Eternal Devotee
  • Ekalavya-….Reknowned for Sacrifice

So this Ganesh Chaturthee get home the hardbound Kahani Hindustani series and take a step towards ‘value education’; for who could do a better job at ‘value education’ than the Gods themselves?
The stories in this series have been compiled and aptly worded for the easy understanding of children by Jyothi Bharat Divgi. The vivid illustrations on each page are sure to fascinate children. Last but not the least this hard bound series of illustrated legends is sure to be an awesome gift hamper for children in home and around your home.

Books? Never! Classics …You Must Be Joking!

‘My son refuses to read Classic Literature. The most he ever reads is comics! Now tell me one reason why he can’t enjoy a book like Tom Sawyer, a classic I read when I was half his age?’ wails a poor father. The expectations of parents are absolutely justified; but there is another side to the coin. The children’s side. Our children are born into a ‘visual era’! We cannot ignore the revolution that has been brought about by the vividness of visual learning. In our ‘Illustrated Classics Series’, we at Wordsmith Publications decided to identify with the perspective of our gen-next and redesigned the classics to suit the inclination of our young readers.


The original classics were abridged to suit our expeditious world. This was done with total conscientiousness and the precaution and care needed while handling the brain-children of geniuses. Expressive pictures were added to complement the picturesque language of our age old favourites. Most of the major events in the story were illustrated to make the story come alive for a child who preferred to glance through a book before she chose to read it. The book covers were made with utmost intricacy.

When the job of the writer and illustrator was complete the task of publishing took over. It was decided that although the books were hardbound they should be light in weight so that kids could easily slip them in their schoolbags without adding much to their weight.

The following titles are available in the on-going series Illustrated Classics and many more are in process:

  • David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
  • Black Beauty by Anna Sewell
  • Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
  • Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

The classics have been abridged by Rashmi Abhisheki. A note for children, a note on the author and a short introduction to the characters in the novel precede the book. The glossary has been placed at the end of each chapter.

Children are sure to take pride in flipping the pages of these age old classics in new robes.

Cultivating Young Minds in an Enjoyable Way

‘Our Greatest Natural Resource is the Minds of Our Children!’

                                                                                              Walter Elias Disney (Walt Disney)
At Wordsmith Publications, we are commited to nurture this very ‘Natural Resource’. This commitment encouraged us to create academic course books that children would connect to. When the Wordsmith Publications team met it was unanimously decided to start with a Comprehensive English Course series that would adhere to the course content prescribed by the NCERT; but our writers had a secret agenda. They had decided to enter the minds of little children to understand just exactly what they would like to learn about and how! Thus before they picked up their pens our teachers had the keys to the children’s hearts right in their pockets. Thus it is no wonder that children dote upon

Wordsmith Genius Minds
A comprehensive English Course
To inspire and stimulate young minds

academic books

Our series is an all-inclusive course in English for Class 1 to Class 8. Lessons from the book comprise of various genres of creative writing like,
Letters and
Diary Entries
A Glossary for vocabulary building follows each lesson. Our writers have made every effort to make the books interesting as well as thought-provoking by including Comprehensive exercises such as
Question Time
Grammar Time
Choose the Right Word
Synonyms & Antonyms
Game Time
Maze and
Many More.
Interesting concepts are woven in the form of stories and poems to make learning enjoyable and effortless developing the reading skills of a child in a stressfree way. Whether it is an inspiring tale from our rich and diverse heritage or an eye-opening but simple story on our environment each piece of writing is written in a style that combines learning with fun. When information is imparted in the form of a story it comes alive; it gets a form, a face and becomes easier to remember.

Wordsmith Publication Welcomes You To The World Of Books

There is an avid reader in every child. The challenge is to help that reader emerge. At Wordsmith Publications we create books for children ; books that beckon a child to explore them. Most parents yearn for developing a reading habit in their child. It is easier to inculcate this habit in early childhood. It is said that ‘A child who reads will be an adult who thinks!’ So, ‘Catch them young……and make them read?’ Well, is it that simple? Certain not! But at Wordsmith Publications we are taking baby steps to initiate the process. We strive to create books that make a child think, help a child learn.

books for children

Contrary to the popular saying, children do judge a book by its cover! In our widespread array of books we make it a point to make each aspect of our books interesting and child-friendly. An expressive cover page, colourful illustrations, an easy to read font, an apt font size and a systematic layout make our books appealing to children. Our titles range from story books to academic course books.

The content is the soul of a book. Our content is the outcome of thoughtful and elaborate discussions among experienced writers and a panel of proficient teachers. Careful thought needs to precede implementation to create appropriate content. When the content is decided the designers and artists pitch in and the magnificent task of creating a book begins.

Our proliferating catalogue already boasts of a wide range of books for children. All our books aim at comprehensive development in children. They make learning an enjoyable process as they hone diverse skills in children. Our books help parents too. They guide parents and even teachers about how a certain topic should be communicated so that it is better understood by a child. Our books are produced under stringent quality control measures in our own printing press. This is what makes our production quality distinctive. The fact that our books are printed in our own printing facility also helps us to make the books available in a shorter span of time. That the pricing of our books is very competitive is the cherry on the cake.