Activity Books : A Key to Brain Development!

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A child is naturally inclined to respond to stimuli. What stimuli are you giving your child today?

It has been scientifically proven that the mental stimulation given to a child at an early age helps develop his/her language and cognitive skills in the years to come. More the cognitive stimulation more developed the brain. Activity books are the handiest tools to enhance your child’s cognitive skills.

Activity books

How can Activity Books help my child?

  • Building Attention and vocabulary: A set of board books is just the device to help your child focus. An Activity book is sure to develop a fine vocabulary as well as General Knowledge. As s/he gets engrossed in the pictures and the short words written beside them, the child’s attention span develops along with the memory.
  • Developing Patience: If a child is using an Origami Book to make different shapes by folding paper, s/he needs to go step by step with great patience until the article of the desired shape emerges.
  • Assembling and planning: Word-search and puzzle books, Activities in English, Math and logical reasoning help children to organise words or numbers and think and plan a sequence of actions to solve a problem or puzzle. Colouring books develop the child’s fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination and colour recognition capacity.

A child who is encouraged to obtain knowledge, to think and to experience with the help of her/his senses is sure to have a well-developed brain. Activity books are handy and portable brain developers.

Wordsmith provides an array of Activity Books for your child:

  • Colouring Books
    • Enjoy Colouring Series
    • Fun Colouring Series
    • Fun with Water Colours Series
    • Fun with Crayons Series
    • Jumbo Colouring Series
    • Giant Colouring Series
    • Colouring Gift Box
    • Painting Books
    • Pencil Shading Books
    • Landscapes with Water Colours
  • Set of Word Search Puzzle Books
  • Origami Book Set (5 Books) Paper folding made easy
  • Cursive Writing Book Series
  • Mini Board Books
  • I Can Write Numbers
  • Join the Dots
  • Activity Book Sets:

Activity Book Maths (1-6)

Activity Book EVS

Activities in English

Activities in Mathematics

My Learning Activity Book

Good Habits

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